National Reunions

Veterans of the 503rd, 462nd and 161st who served during WWII, begain holding informal independent get-togethers almost immediately after WWII. On a February weekend in 1957, some seventy Veterans of the 503rd Parachute Regimental Combat Team meet in Washington, DC, with the intention of establishing an Association for those Veterans who served in the unit during WWII. During this first reunion, they drew up a constitution, that is the foundation of our Association today. The Association has held a National Reunion every year since. In 2016, the Association celebrated it's 60th reunion anniversary.

Please Notice!

503rd Reunion Update - the hotel room rates for the reunion are $59 for a single room; and $89 for a suite. There was a typo in the hotel information that was mailed out last week. We apologize for the confusion. The attached files have been updated to reflect the corrected pricing.

Please don't hesitate to email or call with questions. We look forward to seeing you all in Georgia in October!

Reunion Registration Information - Fort Benning
Registration Form - Fort Benning
Base Access Request Form - Fort Benning
Hotel Registration Info- Fort Benning
Reunion Schedule- Fort Benning
Transportation & Driving Directions- Fort Benning

To herald the return of the 503rd troopers to the Mindoro base camp (from Corregidor), the island base commander took over the base radio station and sternly announced to all the Allied forces that Colonel Jones and his three thousand thieves had returned. This remark was, in trooper parlance, complimentary.

Three Winds of Death, The Saga of the 503d Parachute regimental Combat Team in the South Pacific”, By Bennett M. Guthrie, New Forums Press 1985.

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